Wool Mattress

Size:Single (length: 210cmX width: 100cmX thickness: 10cm)

The fabric:Polyester fiber 10%

The total:About 4.45 kg




100% woolwarm in winter and cool in summer

The wool used in this type of mattress has good deodorization function after being tested by related organizations.

Generally speaking, people excrete about 1 cup of water of sweat every night, which is also one of the reasons why mattressesProduce peculiar smell

, but with this mattress, it is very good to eliminate the smell brought by sweat.

Why did you choose this mattress?

1 Wool has good moisture absorption and drainage capacity, warm in winter and cool in summer.

2 Antibacterial and deodorant

  1. Convenient cleaning

4 100% cotton, very comfortable for skin

Washing can effectively remove mites!

Mites have a 99.5% mortality rate after washing

After a wash, mites are almost killed and no longer to invade the skin.

Can machine wash

Cleaning frequency

Once a week in summer

Biweekly in winter

Do not exceed 40 degrees

Lay flat to dry

Do not use a cleaner that contains bleach

Do not stir to wash


do not use the drying function


Available all year round

Natural material - wool


Wool has good hygroscopicity and dehumidification, at the same time, there is also very good heat preservation, so it is suitable for the four seasons.

Good hygroscopic and dehumidifying properties of summer can absorb human body's excreted sweat and keep the mattress cool.

Winter wool unique structure can not let warm air slip away, with good thermal insulation.


Wool Mattress