5 layermattress     

Size:Single (length: 210cmX width: 100cmX thickness: 10cm)

The fabric:Polyester fiber 10%

The total:About 4.45 kg





Quality assurance MIGHTYTOP ⅡECO original 5 mattress layer structure

Prevent sweat/bacteria!

Anti - mite anti - odor and odor control

Excellent texture, anti - mite, anti - odor function

Anti-mite, anti-bacteria and anti-odor

Mattress is used in filling MIGHTYTOP ⅡECO material.

MIGHTYTOP ⅡECO has excellent anti mite antibacterial/deodorization effect

The unique anti-mite structure makes it difficult for mites to invade

Antibacterial has been certified as SEK in Japan. Effectively inhibits the reproduction of bacteria.


On average, people excrete about 200ml of sweat every night. If the air permeability of the mattress is not good, it will be prone to breeding bacteria.

So the mattress should choose the material with good exhaust

5 Layer Mattress