95%Goose down heat preservation quilt

filler,:95%white goose down

fabric,100% cotton

size,:200*230    200*240

net weight, gross weight: 3.6kg/4.6kg        3.7kg/4.7kg

fleece,:1100g    1300g

color:white, pale blue



95% white goose down, from polar, select - 30 ° C polar mother goose down, volume is high, the average diameter of 2.5 cm content as high as 95% warmth retention property good, 1 kg down need 60 goose abdominal hairs.


33 washing processes and over 1000 cleanliness. More than twice the standard of Japanese standard, 12 sorting processes, professional cleaning equipment imported from Germany, the cleanliness reaches the standard of drinking water.


Scientific filling and lining technology. Double lining technology makes the distribution of down more even, add warm quilt, the degree of pellucidity and comfort.

95% Goose Down Heat Preservation Quilt