Sandwich mattress

Size:Single (length: 210cmX width: 100cmX thickness: 10cm)

The fabric:Polyester fiber 10%

The total:About 4.45 kg





Carefully selected materials

 What is annular polyester fiber?

The biggest advantage of polyester fiber is that it has good anti-wrinkle and conformability.wrinkle - free, non - sticky hair, but the shortcoming is poor air permeability.

This type of mattress adopts high-quality annular polyester fiber, which is different from ordinary polyester fiber. The annular structure can make the material fully contact with air and improve the poor permeability of general polyester fiber.

Additional, the annular structure of high grade annular polyester fiber still can increase mattess to keep warm, it is to regard the mattess of annual use as high grade material.

All the design, only for you to create every night of comfortable sleep.

It can be used all year round.

Elaborate sewing techniques using multiple needle lozenge sewing

Multiple needle lozenge sewing process, do not damage the cotton, good to maintain the original effect of cotton, increase the life of the mattress.

A mattress that makes sleep more comfortable

This mattress is recommended for those who want to sleep comfortably every day.

Sandwich Mattress